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Welcome to Dakota Salon 

Dakota Salon has been a successful salon located in Columbia, MD for 23 years and as of May 1, 2019 has transitioned to a booth renting salon. Now more than ever, service providers in the beauty and health industries are seeking ways to own and operate their own business. They have new business ideas, the desire to choose the products they utilize and retail, market themselves and ultimately, have more fulfilling careers. We have a unique solution, the opportunity to share common space that was once home of one of the most successful salons in Howard County, Maryland.

What makes us unique?

Our amazing reputation in the community will continue to attract NEW clients that we connect to you.


Our establishment (along with your passion and effort) makes a great launch pad for stylists and other industry professionals. Located in Howard County, one of the most lucrative location in our country

Our salon features a comfortable lobby to relax in while waiting for you.

A new sign in system in place for your clients to check in digitally. 

What do we offer?

Reasonable rental rates


Entrepreneurship and the freedom to be an independent service provider


A comfortable, bright, fully equipped working environment


A relaxing lobby area for your clients to enjoy before their appointment with you

Retail display space to showcase the products you choose

A coffee and tea bar that you can choose to partake in

There will be a central phone with a Business Digital Voice System to allow easy communication for your clients and the 45,000+ clients that Dakota has serviced


Rent credit for referrals.

Could Dakota Salon be for you?

Are you a POSITIVE and professional service provider in this dynamic beauty industry?


Are we located in a comfortable proximity to you residence, your family and your clients?


Spend your work days in an open, shared atmosphere without the isolation of a private suite.

Do you thrive on continued education, interaction and collaboration with other professionals?